Intensive - 20 to 24 november 2019 (waiting list)

  • Date, 20 to 24 November 2019
  • Location, Centrum de Roos, PC Hooftstraat 183 Amsterdam.
  • Costs: € 1750
  • Course is taught in English.
  • Trainer, Marie José Boon

Attachment Problems & The Brain - December 2019

Dr.Dr. Damir del Monte and Professor Dr. Anna Buchheim will present a seminar on Dec. 7 & 8 on attachment problems & the brain


Attachment and Exploration in Attachment research are both considered as integrating and complementing systems ,which both provide the for that moment necessary adaption to life‘s circumstances . This shows itself in the balance of a youngster in looking for closeness and exploration and it shows itself also in the reflective and mental skills of an adult This seminar introduces us to the neurobiological and psychological foundation when it comes to attachment and exploration of a variety of attachment patterns What are attachment protection and risk factors? How can attachment dis-ruptures be identified and treated? Either professionals or parents: the seminar offers something for everybody: exciting,practical and as life itself!

Brainspotting & kids January 2020

Monica Bouman en Martha Jacobi


Brainspotting with kids and adolescents was developped using Brainspotting Treatment. Many Therapists who have learned Brainspotting are using it with kids and adolesents. In these fields it is also experienced as a great technique to get effective access to the self-healing components. Dr. Martha Jacobi and Mag. Monika Baumann, both international Brainspotting Trainers, made important experiences in many different working areas as children´s homes, after community traumas, in their private practices, hospitals etc. Beside being friends both are eager to share and teach what they have learned out of their experiences. They developed a two days seminar which is approved and supported by Dr. David Grand.

Phase 3 Sept 2020 (David Grand)

  • Brainspotting Phase 3
  • September 11, 12, 13 – 2020
  • Location: Centrum de Roos, Amsterdam
  • Working hours: 9.00 - 17.30 uur
  • Language: EN
  • Price:
    Early registration: €695 (before May 1, 2020)
    Standard registration: €745 (before July 1, 2020)
    Late registration: €795 (after July 1, 2020)

Seminar Overview

BSP Phase 3 is an advanced 3 day training where the first 2 days are devoted to the most recently developed Brainspotting techniques (not taught in Phases 1 and 2) with the 3rd day devoted to BSP and Performance and Creativity.

Workshop Onno van der Hart .. 20, 21 November 2020


The Haunted Self: Understanding and Treating Trauma-Generated Dissociation, With an Emphasis on Working With Dissociative Parts

When otherwise experienced clinicians apply general effective therapeutic approaches to people with complex trauma-related (dissociative) disorders, the result may be an unexpected crisis and even decompensation. In one sentence, the aim of this workshop is educating partiicpants to prevent such disasters and, instead, to foster adequate treatment. Within the cognitive context of the theory of structural dissociation of the personality, traumatic experiences can be regarded as breaking-points, dividing one’s personality into dissociative parts functioning in daily life (Apparently Normal Parts; ANPs) and dissociative parts stuck in trauma-time (Emotional Parts; EPs).