Phase 3 (11-13) Sept 2020 (David Grand)

Update Phase 3:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Dr. David Grand is unable to travel from the US to the Netherlands now or in the near future. After close consultation with David Grand, it has been decided to continue Phase 3 online via zoom. The content of the training remains the same.
Working online means that the working hours for the training have been adjusted because the Phase 3 is given by David Grand himself and he is doing the training from the USA,.

David Grand has given a Phase 3 online with great success at an earlier time, so a unique opportunity for all of us to see the discoverer and developer of Brainspotting at work.

  • Date: September 11, 12, 13 – 2020
  • Working hours: 1 PM-8PM
  • Location: online


Webinar Overview

BSP Phase 3 is an advanced 3 day training where the first 2 days are devoted to the most recently developed Brainspotting techniques (not taught in Phases 1 and 2) with the 3rd day devoted to BSP and Performance and Creativity.

Day 1: Advanced Gazespotting, Advanced Z Axis BSP (BrainSweeps and Proximity)
Day 2: Doublespotting, PartSpotting
Day 3: (am) The BSP Sports Trauma Model (outlined in THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON SPORTS by Grand and Goldberg) will be taught and demonstrated with an elite athlete. The 15 Guidelines to Performance and Creativity Expansion will be presented.
Day 3 (pm): Applications of Creativity Expansion will be presented, including a demonstration of BSP Acting Coaching with a professional actor who will deliver a monologue.

Webinar Objectives

Participants will learn and be able to apply, in their clinical practices, advanced BSP techniques including: Inside/Outside BSP, DoubleSpotting, Advanced Gazespotting, Advanced Z Axis BSP (BrainSweeps and Proximity and PartSpotting
Participants will learn and be able to utilize BSP Performance Expansion Model, especially the BSP Sports Trauma Model
Participants will learn and be able to apply BSP Creativity Expansion Model, including BSP Acting Coaching

  • Price:

Early registrations: €695 (before May 1, 2020)
Standard registrations: €745 (before July 1, 2020)
Late registrations: €795 (after July 1, 2020)


Cancellation Policy

We do not offer refunds for cancellations within two months of the training date.


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Phase 3 Sept. 2020