Brainspotting Humanitarian Healing

Press release - November 23, 2015

Dear Brainspotting Therapist,

I have received an overwhelming response to my email to all of you about my experiences in Paris during and after the attack now called "Black Friday". This weekend, along with new Brainspotting trainer Martha Jacobi, I did two days of humanitarian sessions with survivors of the Sandy Hook Connecticut school massacre (20 6 year olds and 6 faculty murdered) now referred to as 12/14 and "The Tragedy". I want to share with you an unsolicited email I received from a mother of one of the murdered children:

> "Brainspotting has been extremely effective in helping me pinpoint the location of trauma in my
> brain and working through it. David Grand has been a tremendous support to me and I consider
> brainspotting an essential element in my healing process. Brainspotting has cultivated resilience
> following the shooting death of my first grader in his classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary but
> even more so has brought about Post Traumatic Growth." Scarlett Lewis, mother of Jesse Lewis,
> 6 murder victim at Sandy Hook Elementary, founder of Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation
> "Choosing Love Every Day"

Scarlett's words can serve as a clarion call to us to focus on humanitarian efforts supported by Brainspotting's powerful unique and powerful healing capacities.

In that spirit I am initiating the Brainspotting Humanitarian Healing (BHH) effort which every Brainspotting therapist can easily participate in. It is intended to be a grass-roots, nonhierarchical movement, open and creative in its nature. My second assistant, Elyse Kirsch, will be receiving and organizing your reports of any humanitarian Brainspotting effort you make. This can simply entail one pro bono session for a person in need or the more extensive interest in setting up a pro bono program or training (all will need my input and guidance).

These generous healing efforts will be held confidentially unless the giver agrees to be acknowledged to encourage actions by others.

I am approaching this BHH project with the same hopefulness and uncertainty principle that I approach my clients and trainings with. I invite your feedback and participation.

With appreciation and admiration to the Brainspotting International Community,

David Grand