Attachment Problems & The Brain - Dec. 2018

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Dr.Dr. Damir del Monte and Professor Dr. Anna Buchheim will present a seminar on Dec. 8 & 9 on attachment problems & the brain


Attachment and Exploration in Attachment research are both considered as integrating and complementing systems ,which both provide the for that moment necessary adaption to life‘s circumstances . This shows itself in the balance of a youngster in looking for closeness and exploration and it shows itself also in the reflective and mental skills of an adult This seminar introduces us to the neurobiological and psychological foundation when it comes to attachment and exploration of a variety of attachment patterns What are attachment protection and riskfactors? How can attachmentdisruptures be identified and treated? Either professionals or parents: the seminar offers something for everybody: exciting,practical and as life itself!


  • Certainty and uncertainty in attachment
  • Neurobiological foundation of development and attachment
  • Attachment and personality
  • Parents: one can only be too careful in picking them
  • Developmental processes and psychological disrupture
  • Protection and riskfactors
  • Transgenerational passing on of Attachment patterns
  • Attachmentdiagnostics and attachmentdisruptior
  • Attachment and psychotherapie

For whom?

Pedagoges, therapists, teachers, MD‘s, Psychologists, parents and everyone else who is interesteded

  • Dec. 8 & 9, 2018
  • Centrum de Roos, Amsterdam,The Netherlands
  • Price: € 495.--
  • In English


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